Business School: A Gateway To Your Future

Posted on: 27 November 2019

If you have been thinking about getting a degree or an additional degree, you may want to look into business school. "Business is booming", as they say. The world always has need of business owners, office managers, marketing reps, and human resources professionals. A degree in business is a pathway to all of these careers and more. If you aren't quite sure yet about enrolling, understanding what exactly you will be taught may make you feel more comfortable. Here are a few pathways you could take in business school, along with how you could use them.

Business Law

Business law is important for many reasons. As previously mentioned, there is always a need for businesses. However, bad business does not help the economy or an individual's career. In order to make sure that a business is operating within its legal rights, business owners should know what they are allowed to do and not do. Understanding business law will help business owners to make correct decisions. For example, a contractor may be licensed to do some electrical and construction, but not have a license for plumbing. If they tell clients that they can do plumbing are they vulnerable? Yes. They are liable should something happen with the plumbing in the future. Good business has to be within the limits of the law. 

Human Resources

Human resources cover the people part of a business. Hiring, firing, organization, training, protecting rights, etc. are all responsibilities that fall under a human resource manager. This is a crucial aspect of business that can protect the company from a lawsuit. For example, there have been businesses that work their employees too hard for not enough money. A human resource manager would know that their employees have rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and would work with business owners to rectify the situation.


Without a marketing department, it does not matter how incredible the business is because no one will know about it. Marketing gets people through the doors and money in the pockets of everyone who works for the business. Once the business is established, the marketing department will also uphold and protect the reputation of the company.

In conclusion, there really is no end to where a business degree could take you. It is a great place to begin a career, even if you are not quite sure where you will end up.


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