• Business School: A Gateway To Your Future

    If you have been thinking about getting a degree or an additional degree, you may want to look into business school. "Business is booming", as they say. The world always has need of business owners, office managers, marketing reps, and human resources professionals. A degree in business is a pathway to all of these careers and more. If you aren't quite sure yet about enrolling, understanding what exactly you will be taught may make you feel more comfortable.
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  • Need To Maintain Your Licensing? How To Get It Done Your Way

    Insurance, education, accounting, and medicine are just a few of the fields that have mandatory licensing requirements. If you have gained a license for your line of work, it's important to maintain it. Part of keeping your license revolves around your ability to obtain continuing education credits. It may be time for you to take a few courses so that you can get the credits you need, but you might be struggling to figure out how to get it done without ruining your schedule.
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